Viña Zorzal Making Friends: Thomas Calder & Lacourte Godbillon

Escrito por Xabier Sanz.

26 Dic, 2018


Anunciamos nuestra colaboración con Thomas Calder y el Champagne Lacourte Godbillon.

Estamos muy contentos de poder comunicarles nuestra colaboración con Thomas Calder Selections y el Champagne Lacourte Godbillon: Viña Zorzal Wines es el importador en España de las maravillosas burbujas de Lacourte Godbillon.

Lacourte Godbillon es una bodega en plena revolución, en conversión biológica, apostando por su terruño con gente joven y dinámica. Nos sentimos plenamente identificados con ellos y compartimos misma filosofía, aparte de que sus burbujas nos han enamorado desde el principio!

(Wine Advocate: Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon is on the move. Brand new (and very stylish) labels are only external expressions of the fundamental changes, especially in vinification. The domaine is located in Ecueil, where 95% of the eight hectares are cultivated (85% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, all organic). They process only own grapes in a cellar that was built just five years ago. Géraldine Lacourte and Richard Desvignes took over as the third generation in 2006, and I met with them during the presentation of the «Les Mains du Terroir de Champagne» group in the Hôtel de Ville in Reims in April this year. They are using more and more oak barrels, especially for the single vineyard cuvées. Each parcel is vinified separately, and except for a very few cuvées, all the wines are based on just one harvest. For the past three years, malolactic fermentation has been blocked and the dosage has been reduced to levels between almost zero and seven grams, which underlines the fresher, steelier and more terroir-driven style as well as the inner complexity of the wines. The annual production is 65,000 bottles. I tasted just four wines from the range, and they all were excellent except for the 2014 «CHV» (Chaillots Hautes Vignes), which was even better!–

Thomas Calder colabora con Viña Zorzal Wines desde hace 10 años, estadounidense con residencia en Paris, ha sido y sigue siendo el descubridor de vignerons de talla mundial, forjándose de esta manera la increíble reputación que hoy tiene.

(Wine Spectator: Thomas Calder may be one of the most important men in French wine you’ve never heard of. He’s an American export agent living in Paris who, like many brokers, is the forgotten link in the caravan of characters responsible for bringing wine from a vintner’s cellar to our homes.)