Viña Zorzal



Grape variety — Variedad: 100% Chardonnay

Alcohol — 13,5%

Ageing — Young wine.


From our serie of varietal wines. The only foreign grape we are working with.

Chardonnay grows perfectly in this higher altitude plots in Fitero area.

We harvest early to get acidity in the grape and freshness in the wine, soft pressing and just free run most fermentation. The wine was bottled at the end of November 2019.

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Tasting notes


Clear, medium intensity, lemon colour wine.


Clean, medium intensity aromas of citrus fruit and stone such us peach and apricot, soft mineral notes


Dry and fresh, medium body. Stone fruits flavours and a long finish.

Un blanco elegante, sofisticado y de producción limitada. Elaborado a partir de uvas de variedad Chardonnay, ofreciendo una extraordinaria relación calidad-precio y un sorprendente frescor.

— Entrelias blog


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