Today is the fourth of the fourth, a date that lends its name to our most special wine, the day on which our father was born. A man who put a great deal of effort into starting the project that we continue today. A man who put his faith in the graciano variety at a time when it had almost disappeared from our land.

The first Viña Zorzal wine was born of these graciano vines and, as such, we thought it is a good time to thank him for everything that we owe him. With this wine we won’t talk so much about terroir, or the way it was made, or vintages… but rather, Antonio will always be at its heart, a man who was born on the fourth of the fourth and has given us so much.
We could not present a wine as special as this one, were it not for the sensitivity of our friends at Moruba, who, with their design, have helped give form to the feeling of love and affection behind this wine