The Zorzal News

Visiting vineyards with Mugaritz!

The last 6th of November, We had the pleasure of the visit of part of the team of Mugaritz!


Visit press UK

Visit of different wine journalists from UK.


Harvest 2017 in Viña Zorzal


Viña Zorzal in Euskal Telebista TV!

A documentary about our harvest in ETB. ETB is the leading media group in the Basque Country, with four domestic television channels and five radio stations. The documentary says Viña Zorzal is one of the few wineries in Navarra doing harvest as they used to be.


Viña Zorzal at Robert Parker-The Wine Advocate

Viña Zorzal has been greatly highlighted in the last article about Navarra by Luis Gutierrez: “Garnacha is (Mostly) Back” published 30th June 2017 at The Wine Advocate.


La Batalla de bodegueros

Juan Luís Pérez de Eulate, propietario de La Vinoteca organizó un interesante propuesta para conmemorar este aniversario, la “Batalla de Bodegueros”. Un singular combate con dos grandes vinos: Quinta Milú y Viña Zorzal.


When passion becomes art

Our friends Maribel Wagner y Rubén Solís made this amazing present for us, tribute to our; Viña Zorzal Señora de las Alturas y Viña Zorzal Cuatro del Cuatro. Thanks so much for this Artwork!


El pasado 30 de Marzo, Viña Zorzal tuvo el honor de participar en “Vinos de España, una pasión” evento organizado por Juan Manuel Hidalgo. Via: Vinos de España una pasión


Viña Zorzal Cuatro del Cuatro

With this wine we won’t talk so much about terroir, or the way it was made, or vintages… but rather, Antonio will always be at its heart, a man who was born on the fourth of the fourth and has given us so much.


Viña Zorzal Tour in USA

We could visit LA, San Francisco and New York in March 2017.

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Viña Zorzal in CuatroGatos Wine Fest!

Viña Zorzal attended to the popular CuatroGatos Wine Fest in Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz) the last 25th February, in this wine event, people could enjoy with the new wave of spanish producers.


Viña Zorzal in Toledo!

Viña Zorzal tour pictures in Toledo, 7th February 2017


Adopta una bodega en Bar del Pla Barcelona

Last 14th January It was celebrated”Adopta una bodega” in Bar del Pla Barcelona, We are very proud that this time, Viña Zorzal was the winery choosen! a great and very successful event!

Bar Del Pla (13)

Harvest 2016

Here We can find pictures of harvest 2016 in Viña Zorzal Wines


Viña Zorzal Graciano in Colectivo Decantado

Here we can see the video of Viña Zorzal Graciano in Instacata 3 by Colectivo Decantado, viral videos now in Spain.


Dinner and Wine events with Viña Zorzal

LAMORAGA Restaurant, Naples (Florida) with Executive Chef Juan Carlos Perez and Importer Martin Cerda. Sep 14, 2015 at 18.30


New Reynoble brand!

New project, presenting the first brand of our father in 1989: Reynoble


Viña Zorzal tour in Japan

Last month of July 2016, We did a tour with Viña Zorzal, different presentations, tastings events in Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka  


Viña Zorzal pairing at Sant Pau Tokyo

Last 8th july 2016, We did a Viña Zorzal presentation and pairing with the amazing food from  Sant Pau Tokyo, the famous 2 Michelin stars restaurant of Carme Ruscadella.  


Fiesta del Sol by Roca Madre

Roca Madre celebrated “La Fiesta del Sol” last 9th June.


Viña Zorzal tour in Rusia

The first of june 2016, we did a tour in Moscow, Rostov and Saint Petersburg with our Ambassadors in Rusia.


Viña Zorzal in Grace Chicago, 3 Michelin stars

Viña Zorzal Malayeto in Grace Chicago


Spanish most beautiful wine labels by Traveller

Viña Zorzal between the 25 most beautiful wine labels in Spain, thanks to Moruba for this work!


Pairing at Gastro Bar Torres

Last 17th May, we had the pleasure to introduce Viña Zorzal in the popular Gastro Bar Torres from Logroño, people could enjoy the wine and food pairing. Presentation by Iñaki Sanz.

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Viña Zorzal tour in USA

Viña Zorzal tour in different cities of USA, April 2016.

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Viña Zorzal in RocaMadre

Viña Zorzal belongs to the group of wineries and friends Roca Madre.


With Ferran Centelles en Monvinic

Presentation of Viña Zorzal Señora de las Alturas with Ferran Centelles in Monvinic